Audition Videos

$300 for 3 selections
$275 for 2 selections
$250 for 1 selection

Look and sound your best for that important audition.

The quality of your video can determine if you make it to the next round. Capture your best performance with a professional audition video.

Audition Package Includes

  • Up to 1 hour of recording time in our world-class Walters-Storyk designed studio
  • Recording of 1 soloist and 1 client-provided accompanist (if desired)
  • Use of our Baldwin studio grand piano
  • Single camera angle. (Add $75 for 2 camera angles using our matched Panasonic Lumix GH-series high definition cameras)
  • Individualized lighting placement and levels
  • Choice of premium tube or solid-state preamps and microphones from our vintage collection
  • Audio mixing on our custom API 1608 analog console by a seasoned engineer
  • Syncing of audio and video
  • Video rendered in your specified format
  • Digital upload of your audio and video
  • Quick turnaround

Call Robbie at 215.885.7000 or email for further details or to book a session.