Kristin Callahan Videos

Kristin Callahan for web

Kristin Callahan’s voice has been described as fresh, vibrant, hypnotic and mesmerizing. To capture her unique style, Kristin chose Forge Recording’s Studio A as a backdrop and guitarist Josh Nussbaum as accompanist for four videos. The songs were recorded and mixed by Forge Recording Lead Engineer Ron DiSilvestro.

Kristin is a Baltimore native who has been performing jazz since 2009. She is currently working on two projects. The first is Songs of Peggy, a program consisting of songs Peggy Lee recorded throughout her career and original songs by Lee. The second is Sway with Me, a program of Latin jazz tunes, and highlights songs written by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Kristin will be performing at the Cultural Center in Havre de Grace, MD on December 17 with the Melting Pot Big Band.  She will also be performing at Woodmere Art Museum, 9201 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, on March 16, 2018 for Women’s History Month.

I had a great experience with Forge Recording! Everyone was easy to work with and I received my final takes so quickly.
–Kristin Callahan

You can learn more about Kristin at

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Live Sound for Network TV

The Q Show

Forge Recording’s live sound team traveled to Fox 29 studios in Philadelphia for a taping of The Q Show. The sound team, headed by audio engineer Robbie Simmons and assisted by Sem Pierre, was tasked with providing the sound system for artist BriaMarie and her band, and a mix for both the network TV broadcast and the live studio audience. BriaMarie performing with her band

It was a nearly live broadcast. The half-hour variety show, hosted by Quincy Harris, began taping at 11am and aired at noon. For the show BriaMarie premiered her single Love The Way We Argue. She was accompanied by dancers, backup singers, drummer, bass player, and DJ.

Q Show wide angle for web

BriaMarie is signed to Ethical Music Entertainment, the record label of multi-platinum-selling, award-winning producer Carvin Haggins. Known as the “Fresh Princess,” BriaMarie’s music has been featured on VH1, MTV, TV One, Fox and radio stations across the country. Check out her music video for Love The Way We Argue below.

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Vinny Vegas Films 5 Songs At Forge


Baltimore art rock band Vinny Vegas chose Forge Recording as the location to film 5 songs for its new EP. The series of videos was engineered by Steven Rosplock and filmed by Jay Yachetta and Benjamin Neate in Studio A.

“Greens Into Blues” is the first video released off the EP. According to Rosplock, all 5 songs were recorded in one take with no audio edits. “I think that’s amazing and a testament to how killer those guys are. It really makes the songs feel like they are living in the moment.”

Emerging from Baltimore’s burgeoning art rock community, Vinny Vegas proves that a musical act can thrive without abandoning the DIY aesthetic. The five-piece band has self-released three critically acclaimed EPs and one full-length LP, and has self-booked/funded many tours throughout the U.S. and Canada over its ten+ year existence. From extensive touring it has gained a cult following for its dynamic live shows. Vinny Vegas consists of Scott Siskind (lead singer), Jason Cohen (drums), Aaron White (bass), Emmanuel Lee (keyboards) and Earl Carter (guitar and vocals).


Follow Vinny Vegas on Facebook and Bandcamp to receive updates on its new record!

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Jessi Teich Music Video

International Award Winning Indie-Pop artist Jessi Teich filmed her latest music video entitled “The Curtain Call” at Forge Recording. Jessi and her crew chose Studio A as the setting. In addition to Jessi, the video features Alanna Barbone Van Kampen as the graceful dancer. Mike Garrity and Jefferson Green were the videographers.

The single was released by Madame Freak Records and is available to download on iTunes.

It is always an immense pleasure for us at Forge to work with Jessi. Her soulful tone and cheerful demeanor make for ideal recording sessions. Jessi’s manager, Jefferson Green, returns the sentiment: “Forge was the ideal place for us to shoot our video. Great setting. Great lighting. Great sound. The staff is fantastic to work with.”

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Rad and Kell Live Session At Forge

Acoustic pop songwriting duo, Rad and Kell, made Studio A their home while they recorded a live session of their song “Soul Singer,” which is featured on their new album, Give Me Gravity. The album was partially recorded at Forge with Andrew McLean and Ivan Funk producing and engineering the project. The “Soul Singer” live session was shot by IMJ Productions and mixed by Andrew McLean.

This was their second live session at Forge, following their visit back in November when they recorded a cover of The Beatles “Oh, Darling” and one of their originals songs, “Let It Fade”.

Rad and Kell have been gaining major recognition as of late with their music being aired on WSTW’s Hometown Heroes and WXPN. Their single “Heavy on the Pedal” also won the Video of the Year Award from Hometown Heroes WSTW. Rad and Kell’s new album, Give Me Gravity, is now available to download at iTunes.

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Carvin Haggins Produces Concussion Anthem

“Know The Signs,” an educational rap video about the warning signs of concussions, has been gaining traction nationally. The song and video are the brainchildren of Dr. David Wang, Medical Director at Elite Sports Medicine, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. To bring his vision to life, Dr. Wang enlisted the help of ESPN and multi-platinum-selling, award-winning producer Carvin G. Haggins. The song was recorded at Forge Recording by lead engineer Ron DiSilvestro and features Ethical Music Entertainment artist BriaMarie and rapper Mark Steele.

Here’s a feature story on NBC Connecticut TV.

And another news clip from CBS Los Angeles.

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BriaMarie Music Video “#L2LU” filmed at Forge

Respect, self-esteem, empowerment, morality and love. These are the messages of Ethical Music Entertainment recording artist BriaMarie. Forge Recording was honored to have BriaMarie and Ethical Music CEO Carvin Haggins in the studio to film a music video. The song, entitled “#L2LU” (Learn to Love You), carries a strong theme of individualism and self-respect.


Appearing in the video are Ron DiSilvestro on drums and Brendan McGeehan on bass—collectively known as the Forge Recording Rhythm Section.

BriaMarie at piano 01


Carvin Haggins is a multi-platinum-selling, award-winning songwriter and producer who has worked with Will Smith, Musiq Soulchild, Jill Scott and Justin Timberlake. He endeavors to make a positive change to the message in music, and his collaboration with BriaMarie supports that mission.

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We Are Music Video Project

This past December, Forge Recording’s Brendan McGeehan premiered a film project entitled “We Are Music” which celebrates the city of Philadelphia and its musicians. The project is dedicated to the late Dante Bucci, a highly talented Philly musician who passed away in August 2014. Thanks to a spontaneous filming of Dante playing the “hang drum” during the original studio recording (photo below), Brendan was able to include Dante in the final project.

We are Music

For the project, Brendan took Dante’s original hang drum tracks and enlisted the talents of Philadelphia area musicians to perform their parts at remote locations around the city. In total, the project includes 20 musicians performing in 12 iconic locations around Philadelphia.

The premiere included a screening of the finished video and live performances from various Philadelphia musicians. “We Are Music” was originally written for Brendan’s band AlyCat by members Allison Hilley and John Glabitz. The song drives home the message of unity with its grooving melody and easy flowing beat. The original studio recording of “We Are Music” was done at Forge Recording.

You can check out an article about the project and Dante Bucci at Rock On Philly. Congratulations to Brendan and all of the collaborating artists and contributors on this inspiring look at what the Philadelphia music community is all about.


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