Gina Zo “Free Your Soul”

Gina Zo with Forge sign

Gina Zo is releasing her second album with Raw Life Records. Free Your Soul was recorded and produced at Forge Recording by Seth “Digital Crates” Barmash and executive produced by Karl “Dice Raw” Jenkins and Christopher Wood.
Gina was selected by Blake Shelton on The Voice in 2016. When not performing she spends time collaborating in the studio with producer Digital Crates.


Working with Digital Crates has always been incredible for me. He understands how I record and it is easy to play off him as he plays off me in a session. He is that person I can finish his sentence to as he can do the same for me.– Gina Zo

Gina held her CD release party in Studio A at Forge Recording and is performing on Tuesday, August 1st at Voltage Lounge in Philadelphia.
Gina Zo Free Your Soul cover small
I really enjoyed getting to utilize Forge to allow my visions come true. The grand piano that is here holds a lot of my secrets so to speak because I have gotten to write a few of my songs using it. This album holds a lot of truth to it. It is very much a fun and loving album but shows the side of me I do not think people always get to see because I am so driven and focused. It shows my passion for life and the arts and how love plays into all of these things. — Gina Zo
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