“The Homecoming” Celebrates Disability Culture

The Homecoming promo shot

Shannon DeVido, Lead Actress from the upcoming Zeno Mountain Farm production The Homecoming recorded vocals for the film’s soundtrack with Forge Recording engineer Robbie Simmons.

The Homecoming small for web

Shannon DeVido records vocals in Studio A.

The Homecoming is a high school musical full of humor, heartbreak, and passion that celebrates disability culture. This project comes directly after Zeno’s award-winning documentary Becoming Bulletproof and is the largest effort the production company has made to date.

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Madeline Rhodes, who composed the music and acts in the film, produced the session. DeVido lives nearby and recorded her vocals at Forge before heading to film in Vermont.

Homecoming group shot for web

Producer Madeline Rhodes, Shannon DeVido’s manager Miles, and engineer Robbie Simmons

Zeno Mountain Farm is a nonprofit that fosters lifelong friendships and opportunities for people with diverse needs. The community is built around projects; currently these include art, film, theatre, sports, music and adventure.

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“Most Excellent Theophilus” Mixed At Forge Recording


It was an easy decision for co-producers Jim Gooch and Thomas Combs Miller. They had recently commissioned Robert Simmons to orchestrate their musical Most Excellent Theophilus (“MET”). When it came time to mix the project, Simmons naturally recommended Forge Recording and Gooch and Miller wholeheartedly agreed. Simmons is currently engineering new material at Forge Recording for The Voice’s Matthew Schuler, and has worked on numerous projects at Forge.  

MET is an ambitious, two act contemporary Christian musical from GM Performance Art Ministries. The book and the show’s twenty five songs were written by Miller. The show’s story line focuses on Theophilus, whose identity biblical scholars have been debating over for centuries. In Miller’s book, this true mystery man puts on fictional flesh. Theophilus is forever changed by his encounter with the Gospel of Luke and the truth of God’s word.       

The live stage debut of Most Excellent Theophilus is anticipated for the Fall of 2017.

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