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Kristin Callahan for web

Kristin Callahan’s voice has been described as fresh, vibrant, hypnotic and mesmerizing. To capture her unique style, Kristin chose Forge Recording’s Studio A as a backdrop and guitarist Josh Nussbaum as accompanist for four videos. The songs were recorded and mixed by Forge Recording Lead Engineer Ron DiSilvestro.

Kristin is a Baltimore native who has been performing jazz since 2009. She is currently working on two projects. The first is Songs of Peggy, a program consisting of songs Peggy Lee recorded throughout her career and original songs by Lee. The second is Sway with Me, a program of Latin jazz tunes, and highlights songs written by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Kristin will be performing at the Cultural Center in Havre de Grace, MD on December 17 with the Melting Pot Big Band.  She will also be performing at Woodmere Art Museum, 9201 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, on March 16, 2018 for Women’s History Month.

I had a great experience with Forge Recording! Everyone was easy to work with and I received my final takes so quickly.
–Kristin Callahan

You can learn more about Kristin at

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Ryan Leach Records Movie Score at Forge

Ryan Leach and Ron for web

Award winning TV and Film composer, Ryan Leach, chose Forge Recording to track the music for an upcoming movie. Ryan holds a degree in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music and has scored a dozen feature films. His music has been heard on every major TV network.

Ryan conducted a string quartet which was recorded by Forge Recording Lead Engineer, Ron DiSilvestro. The film, entitled Candy Jar, stars Academy Award winning actress Helen Hunt, Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, and Orange Is The New Black actress Uzo Aduba.

I really enjoyed working at Forge. The atmosphere was very professional. Ron is on top of things and really knows what he is doing. It was great working with him.–Ryan Leach

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Music Publishing Goes Live


Forge Recording’s Live Events Team hit the road to record four classical pieces performed by The Bucks County Wind Ensemble. Our client, Northeastern Music Publications, is a publisher of sheet music for bands and orchestras. Forge Recording provides a multi-track recording and mixing of the musical arrangements.

On the Steppes of Central Asia

Northeastern’s most recent offerings include On the Steppes of Central Asia by Alexander Borodin, Fantasie on the traditional Chinese folk song A Beaded Purse, Golden Age by Yu Jianfang, and Swarm Theory by Gary Fagan. The works were arranged by Dr. Randy Navarre who will be traveling to China to perform some of the pieces with local middle school students.

Audio Engineer Brendan McGeehan recorded the ensemble on location, while Forge Recording Lead Engineer Ron DiSilvestro mixed and mastered the recordings in Studio A.

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“Most Excellent Theophilus” Mixed At Forge Recording


It was an easy decision for co-producers Jim Gooch and Thomas Combs Miller. They had recently commissioned Robert Simmons to orchestrate their musical Most Excellent Theophilus (“MET”). When it came time to mix the project, Simmons naturally recommended Forge Recording and Gooch and Miller wholeheartedly agreed. Simmons is currently engineering new material at Forge Recording for The Voice’s Matthew Schuler, and has worked on numerous projects at Forge.  

MET is an ambitious, two act contemporary Christian musical from GM Performance Art Ministries. The book and the show’s twenty five songs were written by Miller. The show’s story line focuses on Theophilus, whose identity biblical scholars have been debating over for centuries. In Miller’s book, this true mystery man puts on fictional flesh. Theophilus is forever changed by his encounter with the Gospel of Luke and the truth of God’s word.       

The live stage debut of Most Excellent Theophilus is anticipated for the Fall of 2017.

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All Are Welcome At St. Vincent de Paul Church

St. Vincent Church recording

St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church chose Forge Recording for its latest album, All Are Welcome.

The album celebrates the diversity of their congregation and the surrounding Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia. It includes a mix of classic Christian hymns, an African-American spiritual, and original compositions. It is performed by the Music Ministry’s Gospel and Contemporary Choirs, directed by Valerie Lee-Jeter and Darin Williams.


The album was recorded, mixed and mastered  in Studio A by Forge Recording lead engineer Ron DiSilvestro who was assisted by Brendan McGeehan. Forge then produced in-house CDs in jewel cases for quick delivery while 6-panel DigiPaks were being manufactured at the plant. Proceeds from the CD benefit St. Vincent’s Music Ministry and their Capital Campaign, which works to preserve the rich history of Catholicism in Germantown.


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Run to Sandy From Start To Finish At Forge Recording


Run to Sandy created their entire EP, Save the Pieces, here at Forge Recording. After rehearsing in The Green Room, they recorded, mixed and mastered in Studio A with lead engineer Ron DiSilvestro. Forge then manufactured the EP which was officially released on December 27, 2016. 

Run to Sandy is an adult alternative pop/rock band from Bucks County, PA, featuring Jeff Sawyer (vocals), Jonathan Millen (drums), Richie Lather (guitar) and David Palmer (bass). Save the Pieces is their third official release. As they explain it, “These are songs about everyday life reflected through the band’s power-pop prism.” You can listen and purchase their EP here. The EP release party will be held at Bourbon and Branch on Friday, February 17, 2017.

Check out “Navigator Girl” from the EP below!

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Jessi Teich Music Video

International Award Winning Indie-Pop artist Jessi Teich filmed her latest music video entitled “The Curtain Call” at Forge Recording. Jessi and her crew chose Studio A as the setting. In addition to Jessi, the video features Alanna Barbone Van Kampen as the graceful dancer. Mike Garrity and Jefferson Green were the videographers.

The single was released by Madame Freak Records and is available to download on iTunes.

It is always an immense pleasure for us at Forge to work with Jessi. Her soulful tone and cheerful demeanor make for ideal recording sessions. Jessi’s manager, Jefferson Green, returns the sentiment: “Forge was the ideal place for us to shoot our video. Great setting. Great lighting. Great sound. The staff is fantastic to work with.”

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JuTaun Records “Gold”

Jutaun is back in the studio recording their new single “Gold.”


The group is comprised of brothers Jake and James Evans and Samoeun Cheng. The trio joined up in South Jersey to form their band, whose music is not defined by any one genre but instead takes an eclectic view on music. This is Jutaun’s second single recorded at Forge, their first being “Back to Life.” Lead engineer, Ron DiSilvestro, is engineering the track.

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Rad and Kell Live Session At Forge

Acoustic pop songwriting duo, Rad and Kell, made Studio A their home while they recorded a live session of their song “Soul Singer,” which is featured on their new album, Give Me Gravity. The album was partially recorded at Forge with Andrew McLean and Ivan Funk producing and engineering the project. The “Soul Singer” live session was shot by IMJ Productions and mixed by Andrew McLean.

This was their second live session at Forge, following their visit back in November when they recorded a cover of The Beatles “Oh, Darling” and one of their originals songs, “Let It Fade”.

Rad and Kell have been gaining major recognition as of late with their music being aired on WSTW’s Hometown Heroes and WXPN. Their single “Heavy on the Pedal” also won the Video of the Year Award from Hometown Heroes WSTW. Rad and Kell’s new album, Give Me Gravity, is now available to download at iTunes.

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