“The studio is gorgeous. It’s the kind of place you can camp out in for awhile. The sound is great. The engineer is great.”
–Jon Fishman, Phish
“It’s a first class studio. The people that work it and run it are very professional and personable. And that makes a big difference.”
–Dave Hanlon

“I’ve recorded two full length CDs and have brought in other projects to be mastered. Top notch equipment (love the Fearn), amazing live room, and Ron D. is beyond exceptional at what he does and can really take your project to the next level. Can’t wait to get back and track on the API!!!”
–Joe Mulroy

“Thank you for doing such an incredible job. You and your staff were awesome and we knew we were in good hands from our very first meeting with you. The AV part of the evening was incredibly important and it was executed flawlessly.”
–Mira Zergani, Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania

“Got to see first hand with Kid Felix’s album how Ron works with a band. He knows how to get the best performance out of the group, and also knows when to stop and take a different approach. He knows his craft, and really takes the time to understand a project coming in and grasp the idea of direction. A great guy to work with and a top notch studio. Even the interns are awesome. I’ve been referring people to Ron since day 1 of recording.”
–Zac Tait, Manager – Kid Felix

“I chose Forge Recording based on the past work I have done with them as a session musician. The sound is always high quality, and for those pianists out there, the one you get to work and record with is beautiful. I’ve collaborated with Ron DiSilvestro for the past couple of years now and for good reason. I’m very particular about how I want things to sound, so I’ve always trusted Ron with that understanding. With those expectations in mind, what stood out to me this time specifically, in recently recording my demo, was the efficiency and detail with which it occurred. The time between laying down tracks to having a high caliber product in your hands is well worth your money. My suggestion for those coming in is to come prepared, relaxed, and holding a high standard. Anything less than that won’t match up to the quality of that which is Forge Recording, their equipment, and all those who work there. Just listen to what they’ve already done – it’s undeniable.”
–Julie Myers

“Best people! Best environment to grow! Not about $$$$$$! Forge is all about making you sound good!”
–Eric Cistaro, drummer Zytomic Flow

“I interned at Forge Recording, and I love this studio! Ron is an awesome engineer, and true professional. I have learned so much from just watching him work. The studio is top-notch, with its equipment and space. I would endorse this place with anyone that is looking to record an album. It is truly an amazing place!”
–Eric Sterling

“5 stars all around. Awesome studio with great people and great gear….Truly my favorite recording experience to date. Highly recommended.”
–Colin Comstock – Found Wandering

“Thank you for the most enjoyable experience ever. Ron was excellent! I referred your studio to one of my clients too.”
–Tammy B.

“I enjoyed the tour & felt “Good Vibes” :) about Forge so I’m looking forward to working with you in the future.”
–Mike Marino

“Ron, Sheldon, Steph and everyone at Forge Recording are the cream of the crop! I couldn’t be happier with the experience I had and the finished product I received. I am repeatedly being told by everyone, including industry pros, how great the production value is on my cd! Ron’s ability to know and interpret based on the individual project is uncanny. The attitude and professionalism is unmatched at Forge Recording! Thank You Guys!!”
–Doc Carter

“Our session was Unbelievable! We had a blast! What can I say about Ron? He is incredibly talented and patient. Great guy to work with. We got a lot done and had a great time. The intern’s where very helpful too. Very much looking forward to our next recording session. Thank you so much helping us get that time slot and assisting us before our session. We’re very thankful.”
–Ben Drake – Instant Bingo

“We are so happy with how the album turned out.”
–The Eschatones

“Thank you for such a great experience, we covered a lot! I really appreciate your patience and flexibility answering random unrelated questions about Protools. The outline Brendan provided was perfect and covered a wide range of capabilities the software has. I look forward to my next session!”

“We were impressed by the facilities and comfort at Forge Studios, not to mention Ron’s incredible skill. I was excited with the rough mix we left with and couldn’t wait to hear the finished version. We would highly recommend your business. Thanks again!”
–Douglas Thomas

“I just wanted to thank you for a magical experience yesterday. Your studio is amazing! I’m sure it won’t be the last time I record with you guys. Honestly, it was a perfect experience. And the product is something that I’m really excited about.”
–Blessing Offor

“After a solid year at Forge and working with Ron, I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t the incredible studio, awesome equipment and great acoustics that makes Forge the best recording studio around, it’s Ron.  He is the secret weapon at Forge.  No matter what genre you’re a part of, no matter who your influences are, Ron hears it and gets you there, flawlessly.  I can not say enough about the quality of our record.  It was everything we dreamed of making.  I am convinced that whatever success may come to us in the future, it will be a direct result of what Ron and Forge gave us.  It almost feels like he took our songs and shot them with steroids!  As a result, whether they like it or not, we will be roaming the studio’s halls for a while.”
–Evan Stallone – One Sound Nation

“Most excellent weekend in the studio. Things are really coming together and it’s sounding awesome, if you don’t mind us saying. EXCITEMENT!”
–Black Horse Motel

“Ron is one of my favorite people to work with. He has all the bases covered when it comes to the important skill sets. A good listener, great tracking and mix engineer, knows how to get the best out of the artist, keeps them on schedule, fun to work with and still humble! Forge is a great studio to work in. It has all the toys we all look for but more importantly the rooms sound great and Ron is really taking the place to another level.”
–Joe Lambert – JLM Mastering

“I am in the process of recording my second studio album at The Forge and cannot say enough about the facilities and the people there. The main room has a warmth and presence to it that are out of this world, the recording equipment and mics are state of the art and in Ron DiSilvestro I’ve found a kindred spirit who is uncompromising in his pursuit of a great recording. His ear is phenomenal and his ability to really capture the vibe of the music we’re laying down makes him our own fifth Beatle! If you are serious about your art and serious about your intentions, you need a serious studio and The Forge is it.”
–Geoff Hansplant

“Meghan Cary and I have been in the music business recording albums separately and together for many years in NYC. We moved from NYC to PA a few years ago. So when it was time to record her latest album we naturally thought about doing it in some of the “A” rooms in NY.
Somehow I stumbled onto Forge and swung by to take a look around and meet the folks there. Meghan and I loved the vibe, the professional yet laid back atmosphere with a fantastic LIVE room and sound booths with perfect sight lines. Then there was the incredible MIC collection with everything you’d ever want and a grand piano and working hammond B3…We decided to book 1 day to see how the experience went before signing on for an entire record. 3 hours into the session we booked sessions that took us from Jan thru October.
The working conditions were amazing. Everyone had their own mixing board to get exactly what they needed in their cans (the line up: drums, bass, gtr/vox, keys). The micing set-up was great and the man that made it all happen Ron DiSilvestro was absolutely one of the best engineers I have ever worked with. He’s a consumate pro, great listener yet always ready to give you his thoughts on how to make a section, sound etc better.
Ron is a fabulous musician himself which I think makes all the difference in the world. Even more important though was his ability to hear what each player was trying to go after in the session and help bring it to life. He knows how to get the performance out of you too, which always helps!!!
He’s fast as hell, ridiculously thorough and creative. I was also impressed with the mastering session he helped facilitate including the mastering engineer he recommended.
So, bottom line, Forge ranks up there as one of the best facilities I have ever worked in and Ron one of the best partners in bringing a vision to life. I have and would recommended him/Forge to anyone. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want more specifics, would like to hear his work on Meghan Cary’s record as a way of gauging my review above.
–Peter Farrell

“My band, Bong Hits for Jesus first went to Forge Studio back in March and instantly were in love! We’ve recorded in numerous other studios including a studio where a couple of Grammy winning, Gold and even Platinum albums were produced and to be honest Forge, and more importantly Ron (DiSilvestro), have produced just as good if not better results for our band. Forge has the ability to record live as a band, with total isolation for each instrument, or have each instrument tracked out individually (all recorded with Pro Tools and great pro equipment e.g. mics, drums, amps etc.) And either way you choose you get an amazing, radio friendly PROFESSIONAL recording. And not only do you get that but the vibe and laid back atmosphere you get from Ron makes the experience that much more enjoyable!
I’ve also heard numerous finished products of other friend’s bands from Forge and everyone of them has the same quality as any big name top 40 band on the radio beyond my band’s tracks.
We definitely have found a home for recording with Ronny D and Forge Studios!! You will not be disappointed one bit with anything you lay down here!!!”
–Topher C.

“There’s no place better than Forge and no one better than Ron DiSilvestro. Our band, BIBLE WHALES has been completely revamped and it is all thanks to him. Every instrument and all the equipment you will ever need can be found in the studio and Ron knows the ins and outs of each one. The only bad thing about Forge, is that after the record’s done, you’ll need to take some time off to teach yourself how to be as good as your recordings are. We just finished our debut album and because it was such a great experience, we’re already discussing our second. Here’s to you Ron and the rest of the crew at Forge!”
–Evan Stallone

“I’ve been a professional musician for 15 years and I have recorded in all types of studios from your basic home studio to the big pro studios and the results were always the same: sounds great in the studio through the nice speakers but when you take it home it just doesn’t sound as good as what you hear on the radio.
I always wanted that recording that sounds as tight, well balanced, and just plain professional as what you hear on the radio.
Forge was the first and only time I have ever gotten that. Literally my jaw dropped when I heard my first recording from there, and I said to myself “That’s that sound! That’s that sound I hear on the radio.” I don’t know if my description is doing it justice but take my word for it this is the best place hands down.
The facilitates are beautiful as well and Ron is the best engineer/producer I have worked with.”
–Vahe Sarkissian

“The Parachuting Apostles recorded their debut album at Forge Recording w/ Ron DiSilvestro. The work was excellent.”
–Val Zanolle